Friday, December 12

Seeing higher electric bills this season? Thank the emperor.

Think you're paying more for electricity this year than you were a year ago?

Join the club--nationwide, electricity costs have risen about 15% since last year.

Hmm...wonder what could have caused that?  You don't suppose it might have been the EPA enacting a RULE--not a law, citizen, but a rule written by some faceless bureaucrat, not passed by congress, but which will result in your being fined or jailed if you violate it--that powerplants had to cut emissions of carbon dioxide--the same stuff you and all animals exhale with each breath--or they'd be fined into compliance or bankruptcy.

Gee, wonder what bureaucrat thought passing such a harmful piece of shit rule was a great idea?  I mean, doesn't passing a rule that raises electricity rates on EVERY American seem like a dumb idea?

Oh wait.  I think I found the answer!



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