Sunday, December 14

Hostages taken in downtown Sydney, Australia; perps hang black flag with Arabic writing

In Sydney, Australia about ten a.m. their time this morning an unknown number of gunmen entered an upscale cafe in the city's downtown business district, took at least 13 customers and staff hostage and demanded to speak with the nation's prime minister.

Oh, and the perps hung a black flag with Arabic writing on it in a window.

But the Obama administration quickly assured Americans that the perps had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, or Islamic terrorism or indeed, any group whose name began with the letter "I."

The Sydney Morning Herald quickly pointed out that it is not an Islamic State flag but simply "an Islamic flag that has been co-opted by jihadist groups.

Minutes later State Department spokewoman Jen Psaki sternly warned people not to "rush to judgment" about the hostage-takers, and that anyone who thought the perps had any connection with Islam was a racist hater, or something like that.  "We've heard lots of anti-Australian chatter from the Lutheran community recently," she said.  "It's really uncertain at this point who is responsible."

When Australian TV reported seeing the hostages with their hands up, Al Sharpton and NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio issued a joint statement insisting this was simply another case of The Man oppressing people who were trying to show solidarity with the thousands of "Hands up, don't shoot" protesters in NYC yesterday.

All kidding aside:  The attack is still in progress, and we may find out that this was just another isolated incident, like the Muslim army major who opened fire on a room full of unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood a couple of years ago, killing 17.  Or the attack on the shopping mall in Kenya that killed 60 shoppers.  Nothing at all to do with *organized* Muslim terrorism--well, except for the second one.

But seriously:  If you don't think this exact same thing is coming here, either you haven't been paying attention or you're a Democrat/liberal/"progressive."

Wonder how Obama would handle a hostage situation where the perps demanded to speak to him?  Think he'd take the call?


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