Monday, October 6

Why can't Obama ban commercial flights from Ebola-infected countries? Because...shut up.

If you want to know how totally Obama-fellating the media are, look no further than this line in the Washington Post two days ago:
More flight restrictions will only make it more difficult for life-saving aid and medical professionals to reach West Africa. 
Some context:  With the ebola virus reportedly killing 3000 or so in Africa, and a Liberian man with ebola making it to the U.S. via commercial airliner, many Americans suggested that the president ban commercial flights between the U.S. and the most-heavily-infected countries.  Everyone knew this wouldn't prevent people from doing a two-step through a different nation but it would at least increase the amount of time it took to get here--which would increase the chance of detecting symptoms and keeping an infected person from making it to the U.S.

Obama didn't want to do that, so the cover story was disseminated:  "You just can't do something like that!  Not only would that be raaaacist, it would also cause insurmountable problems getting life-saving aid and doctors into the hot zone!"

Low-info voter, or hi-info liberal:  "Oh, yes, I didn't think about that last part!  I see.  Makes perfect sense now that you've said it."

But as everyone with a brain knows, it doesn't.  Banning *commercial* flights doesn't prevent chartered planes from taking in anything needed--including doctors and medical supplies.  Not enough for ya?  Then let the U.S. Air Force use some of its airlift capability.

But of course, Team Obama doesn't want to ban commercial flights, so they put out the totally bullshit story that doing so would make it hard to get people and supplies in.  Uh-huh.

Next you'll be sending minions out to swear that our border with Mexico is "more secure than it has ever been in history!"

And the media dutifully repeats what the White House feeds it.  Anything for Democrats.


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