Friday, October 3

ISIS thugs kill female rights activist. U.S. feminists silent.

According to wire-service reports, ISIS ghouls have executed a female rights activist, after torturing her for five days.
ISIS thugs executed a female Iraqi human rights lawyer and activist just days after she posted a message on her Facebook page describing ISIS' destruction of mosques and shrines in Mosul as "barbaric."

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi was executed by a masked firing squad in a public square in the city of Mosul. She had been tortured before being executed, according to a U.N. spokesperson.

Samira was accused by the self-styled Islamic court of apostasy and sentenced to death by ISIS terrorists, who then warned her family not to conduct a funeral ceremony, according to a local journalist.

So are American feminists outraged?   Screaming bloody murder over this ghastly torture and killing of a woman simply for criticizing ISIS' idiotic destruction of mosques?

Not a word so far.  Not a peep.  Cuz there's a *real* war on women going on, right? But it's not being waged by ISIS.  Or by Islam.  Or in the mid-east.

No, citizen, it's being waged right here at home, by...radical Republicans!

Yep.  Just ask any good democrat shill.

ISIS  torturing and killing female rights activists?   Meh.  But Rethuglicans wanting to let owners of closely-held companies follow their religious beliefs by not paying for abortifacient drugs for their employees? 

That's a war on women, baby!

Oh, and if you think the report above is just Islamophobic propaganda from a wing-nut right-wing website with zero credibility, you're partly right:  It's from NBC news, which most of the time *does* have zero credibility.  But while they make shit up all the time to tarnish Americans and Republicans, they'd never invent a story that would damage Islam.  Cuz they're scared they'd get killed.

Like this brave Iraqi woman.


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