Saturday, October 4

Western feminists condemn ISIS' indescribable brutality against Christian women. Wait, they're still silent.

Western feminists scream that they--and all women--are "oppressed by the patriarchy."


We'd take your complaints more seriously if you were consistent in what you choose to scream about instead of just bashing America--and thus helping leftists and socialists and so-called "progressives" destroy the most egalitarian society ever.

You gals wanna see a REAL "oppressive patriarchy"?  Take a look at every Muslim society in the middle-east.  Islam is the most fierce, implacable, unforgiving patriarchy ever.

They rape women who aren't Muslim.  They sell women for use as sex toys.
Startin'  to see reason yet, cupcake?
Nah, I didn't think so.  Like all leftists, all that matters is screaming about how fucking awful the United States is.  You use the phrase "oppressive patriarchy" as a club to bash the U.S. while letting the real women-stoners skate without so much as a word of criticism.
It’s hardly surprising that the "womyn" of NOW, and outraged members of feminist college clubs have no problem screaming at other Americans for imagined offenses, while ignoring real slaughter, rape and enslavement of women in the mid-east.  I suspect one big reason is that Americans--no matter how much they're irritated by shrieking feminists--normally won't kill them or sell them into sex slavery.  Whereas ISIS and other Muslim societies have no problem doing so.
Like other leftists, feminists simply can't bring themselves to support the millions of women who are actually, physically, literally, being oppressed because it would instantly show the absurdity of their hysterical indictments against American society.  Condemning Islamic atrocities against women and girls would tacitly acknowledge that women in western societies have it better than women in virtually every other nation.

As a result libs, leftists and feminists stay silent on Muslim atrocities.  That's why Brandeis withdrew an honorary degree they had originally offered to female activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, allegedly due to her “islamaphobia” in speaking truths she and all the women of her native Somalia know from bitter experience.  Brandeis refused to honor Hirsi Ali because she would have spoken out against Muslim atrocities--and thus shown how hollow feminist complaints about our society are.

To all feminists:  Stop being so coy.  Tell us all why you've been silent about the *real* patriarchy--the one that stones women, supports institutionalized rape and selling women as sex slaves.  Tell us why this seems to be perfectly fine with you--at least judging from your refusal to condemn such acts.

Or maybe, wake up.

Nah, that's expecting too much.


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