Friday, October 3

Emperor's people order reporter not to interview members of audience at political speech by Moochelle

Four days ago Michelle Obama came to Milwaukee to campaign for Democrat Mary Burke, who is challenging Governor Scott Walker.  The local newspaper sent reporter Meg Kissinger to cover Mrs. Obama's speech.

But before the event started, aides to both Obama and Burke told the reporter she could not talk to anyone in the crowd.

Let that sink in for a second.

The emperor's people have become brazen enough to order reporters not to interview ordinary citizens watching a political speech.

Kissinger was understandably shocked, and ignored the order, but that's hardly the point.

If Team Obama will order reporters not to interview regular citizens attending ANY event, what does that say about their arrogance?  What does that say about their utter cluelessness about the relationship government is supposed to have with the people?

By the way:  No mainstream media broke this story.  Instead we learned about it from the reporter's Facebook page.

Let me repeat that:  No reportage in the Lying, Obama-loving media.  Just the blogosphere, via Facebook.

Frankly I'll be surprised if Kissinger isn't pressured to retract her charge, calling it a "misunderstanding" or similar.

Imagine the screaming and wailing from the LYing Media if George Bush's people had been crazy enough to give that same order to a reporter.

But hey, there's no media bias.  Cuz they said there wasn't.


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