Friday, October 3

Ebola and Obama

In response to the canny flight by Patient Zero from Liberia to Dallas, many Americans have called for the U.S. government to ban flights to the U.S. from infected African nations.  This has produced howls of outrage from our liberal elites, who wail that this is simply unfair.  We simply cannot do that would be raaaaaacist!  Or something.

Hmmm... I notice almost no one is saying it would be ineffective.  Just...unfair.

I also hear a few libs saying Oh the government just can't do that!  Really, cupcake?  Read the damn papers:  Just months ago Obama ordered the FAA to ban U.S. flights to Israel, ostensibly over safety risks but clearly just to pressure Israel to stop its military action in Gaza.

Did liberals scream bloody murder about halting those flights?  Of course not.  But this Africa thing is, like,'s just totally different! 

Some people think it's not possible to predict the future.  But many, many things are easily predictable.  One is that Obama would never ban flights from Africa to the U.S, no matter how proven and serious the threat--because to do so would open the door to comparison between an African ban and his total, absolute refusal to act to stop an equally large influx of people crossing illegally into the U.S. at the Mexican border.

Obama--in case you hadn't noticed--is frantically averse to criticism, and will do anything and everything to avoid blame.  Banning flights to reduce the Ebola risk would turn the spotlight on his hypocrisy in utterly refusing to secure the southern border.

Blogger Iowahawk notes there's a pattern here:  Team Obama always tells you things that, on closer inspection, turn out to be utter bullshit. 
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
"It was a spontaneous reaction to a slanderous video posted on the internet."
Any IRS policies you are concerned about were solely carried out by "Rogue Agents in Cincinnati".
Intruder didn't get in WH.
"We totally have Ebola under control.  And it's very unlikely any case will reach our shores."

Bullshit from top to bottom.  But of course no one in polite, liberal company ever calls 'em on it.

Well, enjoy living in the epidemic.


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