Friday, October 3

Good night and good luck

The unparalleled Mark Steyn notes that Birmingham, England--the U.K's second-largest city--now has more Muslim children than Christian ones.

Of course if you're a Democrat or so-called "progressive" this is no problem at all, but actually something to cheer:  "We're starting to outnumber those awful, awful Christianists!  Hooray!" bet, sparky.

Steyn notes that since one of those two groups is, as he puts it, "boundlessly aggressive in its appropriation of the public space," Birmingham will in short order be a Muslim-run city, with all that implies.

Dancing?  Forget it.  If you're a Muslim female you're in for an arranged marriage, and being killed by your own family if you take exception to the arrangement.  But of course that's no different than at present.  On the other hand, if you're non-Muslim you can look forward to being raped by Muslim men and having the police--thoroughly Muslim-run--ignore your complaints.

Of course like many Americans you may think this is all hyperbole.  That's because you have no idea what's going on beyond your local city.  You may be smart, but far too many of you are "useful idiots" in every sense of the word.  Willfully ignorant.

Eh, no matter.  You'll be fine.  Most of you aren't particularly religious so "converting" to Islam won't be a problem at all.  No big deal.  Sure, they'll ban alcohol, but then we've known for decades that booze is bad for you anyway, so they're really just doing it For Your Own Good.  Which after all has been the governing principle of Team Obama and the Democrats for, oh, two or five decades now.  So no real problem there.

Music?  You won't miss it.  Most modern music was crap anyway--buncha crap-rap that no one with taste really liked anyway, so good riddance.

Cigarettes?  Liberal and so-called "progressives" have been trying to get rid of them out for years now, so they'll welcome the policy of your new overlords.  You probably don't smoke anyway so why should you care? 

Guns?  If you're Muslim, no problem.  Any kaffir carrying will be shot on sight, but then you never cared about that First Amendment thingy anyway, right?  Libs and progs think gun-lovers are a buncha knuckle-dragging Neanderthals anyway.  Besides, other than rape (which can never be proven since shari'a law discounts testimony from female victims), Muslims assure us there isn't any crime in Muslim societies, so why would anyone need a gun?

Obama has appointed heads of the divisions of the almighty government who will lie brazenly--outrageously, obviously--to support anything uttered by Duh Won.  Plus most of 'em have had so little real-world experience that they'd never consider the possibility their understanding of things might be wrong in any case.

Case in point:  Obama assures us that ISIS is "not Muslim."  Well that's funny, since ISIS itself says 'We are the only true, authentic Muslims.'

Who should be believed:  The muslims doing the mass executions, or Obama?

Wrecking a priceless, irreplaceable society?  Try this:  Before Obama's coronation the Bush administration had drafted contingency plans to screen and detain obviously ill airline passengers, and to track, contact, and advise passengers exposed to such infected travelers.  In 2010 the Obama administration quietly scrapped those contingency plans.

Kid swinging a sledgehammer at the Lincoln memorial?  Consider the deliberate insertion by Team Obama of more than a hundred thousand un-screened illegal aliens to communities around the nation, often without even notifying local elected officials in those communities about it.

Some punk setting fire to the Mona Lisa?  Consider Obama and the Dems' bribed passage of Obamacare, rapidly destroying the best medical system on the planet.  And passed by the totally outrageous parliamentary loophole of "deemed passed."  (Google it.)

You people are beyond belief.  Most of you utterly deserve what you're about to get.  The rest of you have my sympathy.

Funny thing is, all the idiots/liberals/progs will be able to watch as formerly Great Britain is slowly destroyed--and they'll STILL claim their policies had nothing to do with it.

Sure, a few of you will fight.  But with 95 percent of the sheeple meekly going with the flow, unwilling to risk life or limb to join you, it's gonna be extremely tough.

You think our technological advantage--which is indeed huge--will save us.  But the problem is, when Team Obama and the Dems order the armed forces not to take action on some crisis, no member of those forces will be permitted to act.  No matter how talented a pilot might be, you can't start a jet fighter without the help of LOTS of folks on the ground.  And anyone helping will get a fast court-martial and prison.

I've been there.  I know the military.  Most military members are ready to sacrifice their own lives, but if you think they'll sacrifice their families you're crazy.  In fact, the very thing that makes them so willing to sacrifice themselves is what makes them do virtually anything to save their loved ones.  And that will include obeying--and enforcing--an order to stand down.

Again, you have to have been there to understand what I mean.  Ask almost anyone who's served.  And no, not that bizarre Bradley/Chelsea Manning creature.  There are a tiny percentage of bizarre outliers in any outfit.

Eh, no matter.  With any luck I'll be dead before the nation actually falls.  I've done my part.  It's all yours now.  I can give you some recommendations and ideas, but it's up to you to decide whether you're ready to convert to or not.

Good luck.


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