Friday, October 3

What if...

If you saw a kid taking a hammer to a priceless statue--an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind artistic treasure--would you
  a) laugh and remark to your companion, "Kids will be kids!"
  b) look away and walk away;
  c) take the kid's hammer away and yell at him for being a stupid, malicious, ignorant, thoughtless savage?

Actually, lawsuit-drunk parents of stupid, malicious bastard kids, aided by attorneys looking for deep pockets have pretty much insured that most people won't take the third option.  But in fairness, that's the only adult response.

Wait, let me amend that:  Progressives and Democrats, I have the feeling you want to avoid option C, so tell me:  What's your take on that hypothetical situation?

Okay, while we wait:  I contend that Team Obama--with the aid of most Democrats and all so-called "progressives"--is destroying an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind nation as surely as a kid taking a hammer to the Pieta.  Whether they're doing this from malice or simply from incompetence doesn't change the outcome a whit.  It does change what I'd do about it, but that's another story.

Democrats and "progressives" wail that humans are destroying the earth by emitting CO2.  They understandably regard this with horror and consider it a great crime, even though the alleged "evidence" is full of holes and getting more tattered with each passing day.  But when it comes to destroying our amazing country, they simply don't see it, or don't care.  Hard to say which.

I think there should be a new icon, like the anarchist's black A:  a kid with a crazed look swinging a hammer.


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