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Leftist MSNBC host claims anyone who connects beheading of Oklahoma woman to Islam is...

In the previous post I you saw the core of Andrew McCarthy's piece concluding that Team Obama and the Democrats are doing everything possible to ridicule the notion that radical Islam could possibly be a threat to Americans.  They want Americans to believe that anyone who thinks Islam poses a threat is a wacko Islamophobe.

And as Exhibit 1 I give you one Melissa Harris-Perry--a thorough racist, but a black woman angry at whites.  Yesterday on her network show Harris-Perry weighed in on the beheading of an Oklahoma grandmother by a Muslim convert who witnesses said was shouting Islamic slogans as he killed the poor woman.

So without further ado, here's one of Team Obama's premier propagandists:
September 27, 2014
HARRIS-PERRY: I would be remiss not to bring up the story out of Oklahoma. It is a story that I read as workplace violence story.  But I want to play just a little bit of the sound from the press conference that followed a gentleman who beheaded a woman in the context of his having been fired.  Then he goes back to the plant. He stabs several people. One of the women, her head is severed.  [Notice the passive voice:  It's as if her beheading occurred spontaneously, rather than the "gentleman" murdering her.]  But then this gets said at the conference. Let’s listen for a moment.

Video of police spokesman: ...[in?] conducting interviews with co-workers of Nolen information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert some of his coworkers to the Muslim religion.

HARRIS-PERRY: And then that’s it. And now this is somehow about Islam.

Muslim comedian DEAN OBEIDALLAH: You know what’s funny? Just so it is clear to everyone, there is nothing in the Quran that says if you get fired, go back to your workplace and kill people.  [You're right, dude, that's a fucking laugh-riot!]
   I want everyone to know that.  It is not in the Quran. You know, anything that is bad, a bad crime, I don’t know about you, but my reaction is please don't let them be Muslim. That’s all I think. Please. So this guy's name wasn't Muslim then I read he converted and I knew instantly it will be used.
   I mean, it’s a gruesome crime and you have to feel for the family of the woman who was killed. But the idea to turn this into  -- and we are seeing right wing media use this, continuing the narrative. Look Muslims are here in America, they’re committing Jihad. The man just came over here last year. There was over five hundred work place killings last year. We don’t know about their religion of any of those murders. But if someone is Muslim it’s got to be a terrorist.

HARRIS-PERRY: Right, right. The idea that that is the relevant piece of information. So, I mean, it may be that some ideology, right wing, left wing, is taking this. But at that moment in that press conference I don't think someone is like representing right wing ideology. They literally just believe. Right? And I think this to me is that there is a belief that at the core--I can also probably have breakfast that morning but we don’t think any of those things are relevant. But we do think that his conversion--jailhouse by the way-- conversion is what is relevant.

NEGIN FARSAD: And that I think is the biggest problem. There should be a cultural paradigm shift in which it is not okay to create that linkage immediately. We already know that it is not okay to equate all white men with school shootings. We can’t do that. It’s not okay.

HARRIS-PERRY: Because it just doesn’t even happen in anyone’s mind. It doesn’t even occur.

FARSAD: Exactly. But we’ve gone on and on and on creating this language between Muslims and violence and we need to have a counter-narrative. We don’t. So what we need -- that is what we are trying to do.

HARRIS-PERRY: Muslims are funny.

FARSAD: Muslims are funny. That’s the new stereotype. Pass it around. Muslims are hilarious.
This, folks, is pure, unadulterated propaganda.  Notice how the Perry and guests imply that people just "created this linkage" between the killer and Islam out of thin air.  It's not like an unknown person killed someone and everyone immediately assumed the killer was Muslim.  Instead, the guy had a) tried to convert co-workers; b) had told co-workers that women who committed "offenses" should be stoned to death, per Sharia law; c) was shouting Islamic slogans while he was murdering the woman.

So no one concocted the linkage out of thin air.  Rather, there were three indicators that the killer was a committed Muslim.  Yet they want us to believe we're all knuckle-dragging simpletons too dumb to make legitimate connections.

They then push the approved meme:  Muslims are funny.

Yeah, fucking hysterical.


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