Sunday, October 12

Obama fellators whine that their Precioussss "has endured a brutal two years.." Really?

According to that Dem-loving rag The Hill,
Obama has endured a brutal two years since his reelection, with a legislative agenda stalled and his approval ratings in the dumps.
Say what?  Let's see here: 
   Has he actually introduced any legislation and lost a vote on it?  No. 
   Has any mainstream newspaper or network blasted him?  No.
   Have any of the dozens of major scandals--illegal behavior by the IRS, breaking U.S. laws to ship heavy guns to Mexican drug cartels, a huge no-bid contract granted to a Canadian IT company whose V.P. was a college friend of Moochelle, clearly fraudulent draft registration card released by the White House as authentic Obama registration; Obama directing Hawaii officials not to release his "long form" birth certificate; disastrous rollout of Obamacare; clear and repeated lies about "If you like your doctor and your insurance you can keep them," Benghazi--the list is huge--but has the press gone into attack mode on ANY of those?

Not only no but hell no.  The mainstream media is still defending him at every turn.

So cry me a fucking river, Democrats.

So what if his approval rating is under 40%.  How, exactly, does that make his life worse in any tangible way--let alone "brutal"?  It doesn't.

And yet there are The Hill's editors:  Waaah!  Our Preciousss has endured a *brutal* two years since his re-election. 

He's endured jack-shit.  He's played 200 rounds of golf.  Taken tons of vacations.  Brutal how, exactly? 

You worthless jackoffs.  "Brutal," my ass.


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