Tuesday, October 7

Does the emperor know the difference between good and evil?

Like many of us, Roger Simon is stunned by the number of Obama policies that seem to be either designed to produce bad result or are just incompetent.  He wondered whether Obama knew the difference between good and evil.  Which prompted a commenter there to ask,
When in Obama's life would he have been taught that there was a difference?  Certainly not from his socialist mother, or from his series of fathers, nor from his K-12 schools.  Certainly not from his Occidental or Harvard faculty, not from Bill Ayres or Jerimiah Wright or any of the Chicago Way crowd. Not from his Idi Amin dorm wall poster. Not from his original New Left Party, and not from the New Left Democrats. Not from the news media. Not from his slum lord confidante Valerie Jarret.

There doesn't seem to be a single person in his entire circle of relatives, friends, advisors, teachers, mentors, and stooges who possesses a moral compass.
 But he's a great community organizer.  So there's that.


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