Thursday, July 3

Is the federal government becoming more feminized?

In thinking about how the U.S. has fared under the reign of Emperor Barack, it seems to me that a lot of our problems come from politicians and "opinion shapers" trying to run this nation according to female fantasies.  In that fantasy there are no evil people.  To the extent there are people who do unspeakably evil, cruel things, it's only because they're misunderstood, or un-loved, or were victims of...something...when they were kids.

In all these cases the takeaway is that monsters can be tamed by the kindness of women.  Who needs guns or bombs when monsters can be turned into kittens by the power of feminine wisdom?  And if a few innocents have to die while this transformation is taking place, sorry about that.

Example: everyone agrees that people shouldn't starve.  But until about 60 years ago virtually all societies operated on the principle that if you want to eat, you have to work.  People who either didn't want to work, or couldn't find a job, depended on soup kitchens, churches and similar charity. 

But today government seems to operate with a classic female view: "Those poor people!  We need to give them food!"  And on a personal level virtually all men agree this is compassionate, admirable, a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately when government takes over this goal--once a law is signed and a government agency is created--there's no longer any discretion or feedback to throw able-bodied loafers off the dole.  Getting free stuff--food, housing, cell phones--morphs into a "right."  Shortly thereafter you get European nations with hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants who are not only on the dole--free housing plus cash from taxpayers--but are simultaneously pushing jihad and turning neighborhoods into sharia-compliant zones.

Oh, you say, that could never happen here!  Really?  It's estimated that 90,000 unaccompanied teenagers will sneak across our southern border this year alone.  They know Barry won't deport 'em, and that they'll get free transit, food and housing.  And green cards.  Tell me again why this is different from Europe.


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