Saturday, June 28

Female human-rights activist votes in minor Libyan election. Local Muslim thugs don't approve

In Benghazi, Libya, three days ago there was an election for mayor.  A very courageous female lawyer and human-rights activist named Salwa Bughagis--who had denounced the demands by Muslim thugs that women must not go out of the house without the standard Islamic bag--voted and encouraged others to vote.

A very courageous woman.

After voting early in the morning she posted a pic on her facebook page showing her casting her ballot, presumably to encourage other women to vote.

That evening five armed Islamist thugs came to her house, stabbed her several times and fatally shot her.

This is what Islam is, what it does, what "moderate" Muslims tacitly accept, by almost never releasing a public statement condemning such ghastly, barbaric acts.

But never fear:  Your president--a person the Democrats and the Lying Media constantly shout is a tireless advocate of women's rights, and a stalwart opponent of those who hate democracy or oppress women-- released a statement showed his concern!  Here it is:
While yesterday’s vote demonstrates the power of individual Libyans in determining their future, we recognize that elections are just one step in Libya’s broader democratic transition.  Libya’s new government must now focus on building consensus to address the challenges of establishing security, providing effective public services, and ensuring an inclusive political process.  The U.S. calls on all parties to renounce violence and resolve differences through political dialogue and participation in the democratic process.
Did you catch that strong, unequivocal condemnation of the brutal murder of this courageous female human-rights leader? 

Yeah, I didn't either.  He never mentioned her at all.

Maybe he hadn't heard about it.  Because it got virtually no mention in the lying U.S. media.  And Barack constantly tells us that he never knows about anything until he hears about it in the media.

I'm beginning to get the impression Obama is a worthless, lying piece of shit who prattles and poses as an advocate for human rights, and the right of women to be free and to vote.  But when push comes to shove he can't even be bothered to condemn the murder of a real activist.

You talk about a war on women?  The murder of Salwa Bughagis is a war on women.

I'll be watching for American feminist and rights groups to condemn this murder in the strongest possible terms.  But you and I both know that won't happen.  The mystery is why not.


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