Sunday, June 29

How it's going to end

Okay, I think I've finally gotten enough information to know how it all ends.

I'm talking about the fate of the U.S. and all the really enlightened nations.

The final pieces of the puzzle were Obama unilaterally overturning immigration law without being impeached; then Nancy Pelosi declaring that the wave of illegal immigrant teenagers being driven to the Phoenix bus terminal and allowed to go anywhere they want; and finally a post by Wretchard at Belmont that the number of people crashing the borders of virtually ALL first-world nations is at a record high.

People living in third-world shitholes, or simply in nations suffering from poor economies or dysfunctional governments or...well, anything traumatic...have found they can simply crash the borders of functional nations and claim refugee status.  The residents of *most* first-world nations will not only let them in, but will enroll them in every social-welfare program available to native citizens.

This isn't just a problem for the U.S.  Virtually every country Europe has the same problem.  Sweden, France and the U.K are in the worst shape, with Muslim immigrants running entire cities and terrorizing the locals.  Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy are struggling and seem to be only a few years behind Sweden, France and the U.K.

You'd think residents of the not-yet-so-invaded countries would be able to look at their neighbors in the EU and see the consequences.  But strangely, that doesn't ever seem to happen.

And the reason is easy to spot:  Liberals/"progressives" whine that "Those poor people are SO poor and unfortunate, and we're so undeservedly rich, that we just HAVE to give them asylum, welfare and citizenship.  It's the only humane thing to do."  And so it is done.

People who see the consequences of uncontrolled immigration try to warn their countrymen, but their arguments always lose to the liberals' wails of how "We simply CANNOT turn them away or send them back where they came from, because they're so unfortunate and have almost nothing, and there's so much violence and corruption in their home countries."

Why yes, that's right.  But rather than demanding that they stand up and fix their own problems, liberals predictably prefer to GIVE them what they demand.  "Teach a man to fish and he won't need you.  But GIVE a man a fish and you've created a guaranteed vote and constituent forever."

You might think that at SOME point citizens who aren't liberals would rise up and say "ENOUGH of this ridiculous, dangerous bullshit!"  But not only has this not happened, it's not likely to.  Because the host governments and police (understandably) defend the immigrants.  Look at the UK Independence Party:  Their leader is jailed simply for voicing the opinion that the government is coddling immigrants.

There was a time when people who came to the U.S., at least, were eager to become Americans.  And for some that's still true.  But most seem to have little or no interest in assimilating.  That's worrisome.

Oh well, why worry, right?  The Emperor and senator Reid will take care of you.


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