Tuesday, July 1

Pelosi fires up base by lying about Supreme Court's "Hobby Lobby" decision

Democrats--the party that rammed Obamacare down everyone's throat without allowing a single GOP amendment--are outraged at the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case.  But being politically adept, they're using the decision to fire up their base, which will presumably reward them with more activism and money.

Unfortunately for America, they're whipping up support by lying outrageously about the nature of the decision.  For example, here's how Nancy Pelosi described it in a tweet:

Allowing CEOs to limit the medical procedures available to employees is a gross violation of workers’ religious rights.  --Pelosi
Leading Democrat Pelosi makes two incendiary claims in a single sentence:  First is claiming the decision allows corporations "to limit the medical procedures available to employees."  The court didn't ban any medical procedures, nor allow CEOs to limit the range of procedures their employees can have.  Rather, the decision held that companies couldn't legally be forced to pay for drugs like the "morning-after pill."

Quite a difference.

Second is Pelosi's claim that this "is a gross violation of workers' religious rights."

As just noted, the premise behind this second claim--that the decision allows CEOs to prevent their employees from certain medical procedures--is false.  But even if it were true, I don't know of any religion that claims women have the right to force their employers to pay for every medical procedure.

But wow, that "violation of workers' religious rights" line is a beauty, eh?  One can almost see frenzied demonstrators yelling "They talk about THEIR religious rights being violated!  But what about OUR religious rights?  It's totally unfair!!"

The fact that the claim is a complete fabrication will never enter their minds.

One wonders whether Pelosi and other top Democrat strategists actually believe this nonsense they spout.  If they don't, you have to wonder if they believe it's all right to lie in the pursuit of political power.


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