Sunday, June 29

After Obama rejected proposed Keystone line twice, Canada says "Don't bother--we'll sell our oil to Asia instead"

Hey, anyone remember a project called the "Keystone Pipeline"?

It was a pipeline proposed to run from Alberta, Canada, to Illinois--about 1,100 miles.  It would have shipped oil from "tar sands" to the U.S.  From Illinois the oil would join a southern leg of the pipeline and get pumped to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

The project would have created 20,000 construction jobs.  It also would have carried oil from North Dakota (which is now the third-largest oil-producing state in the U.S.)--oil that is currently shipped by rail, which is considerably more prone to accidents than totally buried pipeline.

Obama rejected the northern leg of the proposed line in both 2011 and again in 2014, claiming the project posed too much risk to the environment.  The southern leg went ahead, but of course without the connection to the oil fields it's not all that useful.

After two rejections, and no signal from the Emperor that the project would ever be approved, Breitbart is reporting that Canada finally got tired of waiting and acted in its own best interests:  It approved an all-Canadian line running to that nation's Pacific coast.  Canada will sell its oil to Asian buyers.

You need to know what just happened, so you'll know exactly who was responsible when gas here goes to eight bucks a gallon:  We could have bought oil from a friendly, reliable, trustworthy government.  And the economy would have loved the 20,000 construction jobs.  But thanks to Obama and the Democratic Party's veto-proof control of the senate, we'll now have to buy from either from militant socialist governments like Venezuela, or from the biggest funders of world terrorism (Saudi Arabia).

I guess this is what passes for brilliant strategic thinking by your Emperor and his handlers.  Surely there's a brilliant strategy in there somewhere.  We probably don't know enough to recognize it.

Yeh, dat's it.



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