Thursday, July 3

Why are Democrats so screamingly against a *real* investigation into Benghazi?

What's at the heart of the Dems' screaming objections to investigating Benghazi? 

It's certainly NOT an effort to prevent Republicans from "wasting the time of congress."  In fact, if an investigation found nothing amiss, the Dems would be able to use that to tar the GOP.

Certainly part of their objections are due to an urgent desire to avoid hurting their Precious--as well as their next nominee and Almost As Precious, Hillary.

They were almost certainly either selling or giving sophisticated weapons (probably including the justly-feared shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles) to some al-Qaeda offshoot, intended for the Syrian rebels to use against Assad.  But even that doesn't explain all the lies and secrecy. 

After all, by now virtually all American voters are used to the idea that Emperor Barack can break any law without being called to account, so one wonders why they tried so hard to cover it up instead of having the emperor simply say "I issued a secret executive order--so secret my counsel advised me not to commit it to writing--directing this.  We need to give the rebels these weapons because innocent children in Syria are suffering because of that war.

"I tried last year to get congress to approve direct military action to help these poor Syrian children but the racist, obstructionist Republicans blocked it [a lie but no one will correct him] so I decided to take those actions the Constitution allows a president to take unilaterally.  So the unfortunate demonstration in Benghazi is really all the Republicans' fault!"

And with the help of the Lying Media all the Low-Info voters would buy it.  So why didn't the Democrats take this easy out?

One thing's sure:  You don't fight this hard and scream this loud against investigating unless there's something you want to hide.  The only possible conclusion is that there's something at the heart of this that if known, would *gravely* damage the Democrats. 


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