Tuesday, July 1

D.C. area college student brutally stabbed by illegal on PCP; lengthly WaPo story fails to note his status

The following story is a year old but it makes a point about the media:

Three years ago, at 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, a 19-year-old female college student in a Washington suburb walked out of a shop and encountered Julio Miguel Blanco-Garcia, an illegal alien.

Blanco-Garcia--who says he was high on PCP--was carrying his one-year-old infant daughter.  And wearing a backpack containing butcher knife.  His attorney says he was carrying the knife because he intended to "steal televisions from a store."

According to the attorney, Blanco-Garcia asked the young woman for a ride to a local hospital.  Once in her car he pulled the knife and stabbed her--up to 19 times.  But says he didn't intend to kill her.  He fled the scene and wasn't caught for two years.

19-year-old Vanessa Pham, murdered by illegal alien.

Police quickly recovered the murder weapon and were able to analyze the DNA on it.  But they didn't have a suspect to match it to.

Then in 2012 Blanco-Garcia was caught trying to steal some champagne from a local store.  Cops took a routine DNA sample and found their match.

As it turns out, immigration officials could have deported Blanco-Garcia months before he killed Vanessa, after he was held at the Fairfax County jail for a few hours on a public intoxication charge in 2010. But since his only known crime was illegally entering the U.S.--and your president had ordered federal agents not to deport illegals who had committed no serious crimes--he was quickly freed and allowed to stay.

Fortunately, after remaining free in the U.S. for two more years, this guy was caught.

Unfortunately this shocking, brutal murder by an illegal alien is all too common. Literally hundreds of such cases happen every year.

I write this because in an article covering the trial last August, the Washington Post covered the case in detail--with one exception. And I'll bet you can guess.

They never mentioned that the murder defendant was an illegal alien.

This too is all too common: Not a single major newspaper, nor a single major network, mentions that a killer is an illegal alien. It's sorta like the unwritten rule against identifying Muslim killers as Muslims.

Now ask yourself why the Lying Media would take such care not to identify murderers as illegal aliens.


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