Sunday, June 29

After economy shrank 2.9% in Q1--when gov't initially claimed *growth*--2 of the 3 major networks ignored the story that evening

If you pay attention to the news you know that last Wednesday the Commerce Department released its final figures on the economy's performance in the first quarter.

You did know about that, right?  In the worst performance in five years, the economy shrank at a rate of 2.9 percent.

That's shocking.  And even more so when you learn that the first figure reported by Commerce was a full three percent above the final number--an error so large as to be almost unheard of.

Then a month ago Commerce made its first revision to the number, dropping it into negative territory --i.e. contraction.  And now this second revision--again downward, showing that the economy actually did three percent worse than first reported.  It should have been huge, shocking news, both for the performance and for the huge difference between initial and final numbers.

But if you depend on the major news networks for your news you probably didn't hear a thing about it:  On their nightly news shows Wednesday neither NBC nor ABC broadcast a single word about this shocking story.  And it's not a case of the news being released too late for the networks to react:  Commerce releases the news at 8 a.m.--more than enough time to easily make the evening broadcast.

ABC found time to air a story on North Korea’s condemnation of a new movie/comedy, and a story on TV programs that are most popular for “binge-watching.” But not a word about either the shrinking economy or the shockingly large error between first and final reports--an error so large as to raise questions about whether it could have been accidental.

How do you think the media would have reacted if the economy had turned in this terrible performance while a Republican was president?  Think they would have led every newcast for two days with the story?  Think they would have been screaming COVERUP! because the first figure released by the government was three percentage points higher than the real performance? 

Yet Democrats and leftists keep insisting there's absolutely NO pro-Democrat bias in the Lying Media.

The Lying Mainstream Media--protecting Democrats has always been their number-one priority.


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