Friday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!

Happy birthday to a fabulous country!

Last night we went to an outdoor concert by our local orchestra out here in Flyover Country.  About 8,000 people enjoyed cloudless skies and the coolest July 4th in years. 

When they played "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful" everyone in the audience stood up.

I realize people who attend 4th of July symphony concerts aren't representative of the whole population--not by a long shot!--but still, I have a feeling that if serious shit hits the fan here in this wonderful land, our city and state will fare relatively well.  And I'd guess all the Flyover states would be in about the same position.

Nice to know that a *big* chunk of Americans still seem to love our country and our relative-but-relentlessly-assaulted freedoms. 

And on that topic: I don't know what state the sign below was posted in but I'm pretty sure it was one ruled by liberals.  Cuz nothing screams liberalism/"progressives"/Democrat rule like "No propane grills," "No tents or shelters," "Entire park is under video surveillance" and "Police will be conducting searches of bags and coolers."

Oh, and "No dogs or pets allowed."

I realize that in some sad states a handful of thugs ruin things for the rest, but out here in Flyover Country people seem to be a LOT more civil.  Don't know if it's that more of the people out here have good values or if the problem is Democrats running their blue states.

Freedom, baby.


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