Wednesday, July 9

Ad shows DHS knew in January that 65,000 unaccompanied kids would be arriving soon. How did they know?

I assume by now every informed American adult knows about the solicitation ad posted by DHS last January 29th, seeking a contractor to provide escorts for "65,000 UACs" (unaccompanied alien children) expected to arrive on our southern border.

You did hear about that, right?  Cuz it led all the network "news" broadcasts, and the networks have been grilling Obama agency heads on the Sunday talk shows ever since the solicitation was revealed by bloggers.

Hahahahahaha!  Just kidding-- as far as I know the solicitation hasn't been mentioned by the Lying Media.  But the feds have confirmed that it's real.  Since you almost certainly haven't seen it (media blackout, remember?) here's a screen-shot:

 A description accompanying the solicitation--below--confirms the 65,000 figure.

This solicitation--and the 65,000 figure for the expected number of UACs--suggests a question that congress should ask the Emperor's peeps:  What event or development led you to predict this huge number of unaccompanied children--more than twice the number for 2013--would soon arrive? 

I suggest the obvious answer is that they knew that the Emperor's executive order to ICE and Border Patrol to stop deporting illegal immigrants who hadn't been found guilty of any "serious crimes" would open the floodgates.

Yet the Emperor went ahead and issued his unconstitutional executive order anyway.


But don't bother looking for any emails confirming that the White House was warned about this outcome.  That'll just cause another 150 perfectly-functioning computer hard-drives to be destroyed crash.

Click here for source.


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