Sunday, July 6

Government climate agency caught changing temperature data to make it look warmer now, cooler during Dust Bowl!

Over the years I've made several posts on how both our government and others have been falsifying temperature data.  Yep, flat-out lying about it.

Now why in the world would they do that?

Gee, it's a complete mystery!

Nah, that's a joke:  They're doing it because the real temperature of the last few years isn't hot enough to scare Americans, so they want to make recent years even hotter, and to simultaneously decrease the alleged temperatures of Dust Bowl years.  Cuz if the earth is now hotter than the well-known and justly-feared Dust Bowl years, man, we're reeeallly in trouble.

Which means they can separate you from another trillion bucks of your hard-earned money.

You may be curious as to the "logic" of how the gummint can change the actual, observed temperature with a wave of the hand.  Glad you asked.

They won't tell you.

You think I'm kidding?  Think again.  They refuse to reveal their computer algorithm.

Seeing as how NOAA and the National Center for Climate "Data" are both public agencies, eating your tax dollars, a few folks are a bit puzzled by this refusal.  Seems like data collected with public funds, then "massaged"/changed/tortured by federal employees, paid with taxpayer funds should be subject to things like the Freedom of Information Act.  Nevertheless, here we are.

So skeptics--branded "climate deniers" by Democrats/liberals/"progressives" and other socialist scum--who want to know how the government changes the raw data have no choice but to download every scrap of so-called data and analyze it as the government changes it from year to year.

Here's a typical result:  A sharp blogger downloaded NOAA's map of average temperatures for a random state--Kansas--for this past May.  If you click on the link you'll see a map with three different temps for each reporting site:  The actual temperature recorded by the thermometer on the site is in black.  Then this is "corrected" for "time of observation," which is in blue.  Finally the "official" temperature recorded by NOAA is shown in pink.

And guess what?  In all but two cases the "official" temperatures are an average of four-tenths of a degree higher than the actual, recorded temperature.

If you're not a climate student this may sound trivial, but a global change of plus half a degree is considered worthy of three-inch headlines.

Wait, it gets better.

A bunch of stations that once reported temperatures are no longer operating.  You wouldn't think that would be a problem, but NOAA's "solution" might surprise you:  They assign fictitious temperatures to these "zombie" stations.

It's a solution tailor-made for abuse, because you can't check the fictitious number against any data at all.

Oh, but it gets better:  If you scroll down you'll see that NOAA also adjusted the previous high-temp record year of 1936.  But by some mysterious process never explained, THAT adjustment was...can you guess?  Yep:  DOWN.  In 2012 NOAA showed the official temperature for 1936 to be 77.4F.  But yesterday that had mysteriously changed to 76.8--a drop of over half a degree.

Now, mind you, this change was made some time in the last two years.  So you might ask 'em:  What happened in the last two years that made you think the temperature record of 76 years ago needed to be "adjusted"? 

And then ask, what equation did you use to compute each of these "adjustments" to a 76-year-old event?

I predict they'll tell you to fuck off.

So to recap:  They've adjusted 2012 temps up in several states, while adjusting 1936 temperatures down.  And they still refuse to reveal the equation or code or algorithm they use.

You might ask your congresscritter to invite these assholes to testify before congress and see if CONGRESS will accept their bullshit line, "We don't hafta show you jack-shit cuz we're government!"


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