Tuesday, July 8

Govt "solution" for problem of waves of "illegal alien children" crossing southern border: Stop using the word "alien"

One of the ways the Left and the media shape your thinking is by choosing the names used for things or policies or types of behavior.

Of course you think that's just ridiculous--tinfoil-hat conspiracy stuff.  You're thinking "No one has that kind of power, to tell me what to call something!  Ridiculous!"

If that claim strikes you as outlandish, consider this:  In the debate over whether there should be *any* restrictions on abortion, the Media often describe one side as "anti-abortion" (which is fair enough).  But what's the media term for the "there shouldn't be *any* restrictions" side? 

"Pro-choice."  You have *never* seen the term "pro-abortion" used in any mainstream media story.  Nor will you.  It's brilliant and effective.  Who in the world could object to "choice"?

You often see the term "right-wing extremists" in mainstream media stories.  But you never see that term applies to Leftists.

The Media always call government policies to confiscate wealth and give it to Democrat constituents "sharing the wealth."  Because who in the world could object to "sharing"?

The list is endless.  Because the Left/Democrats know that if every mainstream media story uses the same approved Leftist term for something, everyone begins *thinking* in the same terms.

And here's the latest:  the Center for Immigration Studies claims to have obtained an internal email from the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division to its agents, directing them to stop using the term "UACs" to refer to young foreigners who have entered the U.S. illegally.

“UACs” means "unaccompanied alien children."

Instead, the email instructs ICE personnel to use the term “unaccompanied children” in official correspondence.

Democrats have also used the terms "undocumented persons," "future Democrats" and "our lock on control of government forever" in their quest to find the phrase that's most effective in lulling Americans into helping them achieve amnesty and citizenship for all illegal border-crossers.

I may have mis-translated some words in that last 'graf.  But what the heck--words don't have any intrinsic meaning until defined by government anyway, right?


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