Sunday, July 6

"Will they be deported? "Director of Homeland "Security" refuses to give a straight answer

Okay, for the right to say you have an idea what's going on in the U.S. other than American Idol, who is the director of the department of Homeland Security?

If you said Jeh Johnson [sic], you win.  (Highlight the blank to see the answer.)

And on that note, here he is on a Sunday talk show, replying to a simple, direct question: "Will most of these children stay in America or will they be returned to their home countries?"  The director dodges and dodges.  To his credit the host--unlike most media faces--keeps trying to get a straight answer from the guy--but like a good Obamabot the guy just keeps dodging.  And after 90 seconds the host gives up and moves on to a different topic.

Of course, unless you're a diehard Democrat/liberal/"progressive," the DHS director's refusal to give a straight answer tell you everything you need to know about the true policy of the Obama administration on this matter.  His evasions simply confirm every other indicator.

For example, three days before Johnson's talk-show dodge a reporter asked Obozo's press secretary Josh Earnest if he could say “without ambiguity” if the children will be deported.  Earnest responded,
What I can say without ambiguity is that the law will be applied and there is going to be a due process that they’ll all be subjected to.  I wouldn’t stand here and say how those claims will be processed...but the law will be rigorously applied.
Oh, sure, got it.  "Wait...a followup, Josh:  This 'law' you say will be 'rigorously applied'--is that those actual laws passed by congress, or do you mean the more nuanced version that's whatever your boss decides it is?  As in, the executive order he issued nullifying a key provision of U.S. immigration law; or the 17 changes he's unilaterally made to Obamacare; or his permitting a branch of the Justice Department to violate laws against straw purchases of guns; or his administration giving money to Palestinian officials after congress passed a law explicitly prohibiting such an action?  So do you mean "rigorously applied" like your boss 'rigorously applied' those laws?


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