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Muslim terror group's kidnapping of school girls throws Leftists into cognitive dissonance

The abduction of 270 Nigerian school girls by a Muslim gang calling itself "Boko Haram" has thrown the U.S. Left into "cognitive dissonance."

See, since 1996 the Left's opinion-shapers had been demanding that the U.S. tolerate and accede to Muslim demands and Muslim atrocities.  They'd done that partly because most of the top U.S. leftists seem to be atheists, so they really believe that all religions are equally valid (thus equally INvalid).  Since many of the tenets of Christianity (belief in God, existence of evil, Heaven, working for one's daily bread, etc) are poison to the Left, anything that would diminish the influence of Christianity was fine by them.

This strategy is often shortened to "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

You might think rational people would have reconsidered their support of Islam the day four Muslims detonated 1,300 pounds of explosives in the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center in 1993.  (If you're under 30 you may not even know this happened.  Gee, how...interesting.)

But the mainstream media were able to spin this as Just Another Isolated Incident, done by people rightfully angry at the U.S. for...something.  I mean, all religions have murderers among their adherents, right?  And Americans listened to the opinion-shapers and nodded thoughtfully.

Okay, the 1993 WTC bombing only killed six Americans, so the media could spin it as not really a big deal.  But surely you'd think rational people would have reconsidered their defense of Islamic terrorists after 26 Muslims hijacked four passenger jets and flew two of them into the twin towers.  But in fact the murder of 2,400 Americans and the destruction of the towers barely caused the anti-American, anti-Christian Left to miss a beat.  Instead the rubble had barely cooled before they started trying to undo the dawning awareness by most Americans that Islam was a problem.

For example, Time Magazine began writing about "root causes."  On her national television show Rosie O'something declared that it simply wasn't possible for the towers to have collapsed as a result of the fires started by 20,000 gallons of jet fuel, because...she breathlessly misinformed her audience..."fire can't melt steel."

Yeah, she really said that.  On national television.  And the execs of the network never issued a correction.  Cuz, you know....

Then we had the architects of the memorial to the Americans killed on Flight 93--you remember, the one where the passengers learned of the other hijackings by cell phone and decided it was better to die fighting than let the hijackers fly the plane into another building.

The centerpiece of the original plan was a carefully arranged grove of trees--planted in the clear, unmistakeable shape of a crescent--symbol of Islam.

No, it wasn't an accident, or one of those "if you squint and look at it just right you can kinda see this symbol" situations.  It was deliberate, and the San Francisco architects must have been laughing hysterically at how they were about to put one over on stupid American conservatives.  Hahahahahaha!  Stupid conservatives!  Cuz, you know, liberals had already concluded that 9/11 wasn't anything that boded ill for them.  Only stupid Christians were all worried, probably because they viewed Islam as a challenge to their rule, or something like that.

Then there was the New York City planning commission's approval of a ten-story mosque three blocks from the twin towers.  If you believe the Lying Media it never occurred to anyone in the city's planning division that approving this project just a year or two after 9/11 would be seen by Muslims around the world as proof of total Muslim victory over the nation they openly call the Great Satan.

Then we were treated to the battle over the content of the 9/11 museum:  In addition to an endless stream of demands to remove all references to "Islamic hijackers" we saw clever leftists arranging for emotional photos--such as the one of three NYC firefighters raising the American flag in the rubble--to be deleted from the display.  Of course you probably didn't hear about that. 

Anyway...the Left got past 9/11 without breaking a sweat.  They'd managed to insert doubt in the form of "root causes," which said America was to blame for Muslim atrocities.  Period.

But then three weeks ago, when another gang of Muslim males again did the previously unthinkable and kidnapped 270 Nigerian schoolgirls, once again the Left suddenly had a problem:  They could hardly accuse these Nigerian girls of being guilty of "root causes," as they'd so deftly managed to do with 9/11.

Also, in addition to the victims being *girls* they were also *black,* meaning the Left couldn't just chalk it up to "justifiable anger at decades of oppression of blacks by whites," as they'd done with "the knockout game" and other black-on-white atrocities.

So the Left had a *double-victim-group offense!*  That is, the victims were both black and female--two of the four groups that have guaranteed support from the Left regardless of the details.  But the thugs that did it were *also* from a group doubly favored by the Left:  both black and Muslim.  Uh-oh, what should they do now?

Normally the media would finesse this by simply ignoring the whole story, or trying to discredit it as fake, or as simply a distraction blown out of proportion by Republicans to bash Islam.  Think I'm kidding?  This is exactly what the ghastly Leftist site Gawker tried to do while the Left was struggling to figure out its position:
...anti-Islam conservatives were the first folks to scream for media attention to this story;   
U.S. media editors and producers did try to ignore story, but thanks to the internet and foreign newspapers the American media couldn't totally ignore it.  And they couldn't find a believable way to blame Republicans for it.  So now we're seeing a storm of confusion as Leftist editors and producers struggle to decide how to report the story.

Ah, solution found!  It's okay to report that some girls were kidnapped, as long as we don't say who did it!  So either don't mention "Boko Haram," or that it's a Muslim group.  Or if you do, put the mention way down deep in the story.  And most certainly don't mention that almost all the girls still being held are...shhh! (Christians) from a predominantly Christian state.

To ensure all editors and producers got the message, the resident's wife gave the weekly residential address and showed 'em what the talking points were to be.  While professing grief and concern over the kidnapped girls, Mooch carefully didn't mention any of the three terms noted immediately above.


Another educational side-effect is watching a handful of feminists and other leftists insisting that we send the U.S. military to rescue the girls.  Wow, that must have been a tough thing to demand, given that virtually all feminists hate the military--since the military is an agent of The Patriarchy and all.  Amazing that their heads didn't explode from the conflict.

And of course the sad reality is that rescue is virtually impossible.  Any determined group can kidnap almost anyone, and unarmed, defenseless school kids are an easy target.  About the only corrective action is to so ruthlessly, horribly execute the perps that no rational person would even consider trying the same thing in the future.

Of course our military is prevented from doing any such thing.  Nigeria's military could, but is hopelessly infiltrated by Muslims and thus is neutralized.

So it goes.  Even if the U.S. electorate finally decides an adult government is better than a bunch of community organizers, it will take at least two decades of military engagements before the rest of the world finally gets the message.  Such is the price of being ruled by children who think the only bad people in this world are Christians and white males.


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