Thursday, May 15

Leftist media: "Boko Haram doesn't represent Islam." So what do they say when an Islamic *government" sentences an innocent to death?

In an effort to put the best possible spin on the brutal abduction of some 270 schoolgirls in northern Nigeria, the mainstream American media have repeatedly told Americans that the kidnappers, Boko Haram, do NOT represent Islam but are some sort of bizarre splinter group--just like the 26 terrorists who killed 2,400 Americans on 9/11.

According to American media, no matter how many murders and terrorist atrocities are committed by Muslims, none of the perps ever represents mainstream Islam.  Now Christians, on the other hand....

Fortunately it wasn't possible for the American media to totally ignore the obscenity of selling young girls as slaves, so some of the story is leaking through.  But the war against women waged by Islam is not just raging in Nigeria:  The same sick "religion" has now threatening to execute a young mother in Sudan.

The Muslim government of Sudan has declared her marriage invalid, charged her with adultery, sentenced her to 100 lashes, thrown both her and her 20-month-old child in jail and now has sentenced her to death.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, 27, is the daughter of an Orthodox Christian mother and a Muslim father who abandoned his wife and child early.  With the father having absconded the mother raised her as a Christian. But Sharia law says that if a child's father is Muslim, then the child is Muslim.

Roll that around for a moment.

The Islamist government of Sudan seized on this to declare the woman's marriage to a Christian American citizen invalid.  Sudanese authorities arrested her last Sunday, May 11.

After government authorities declared her marriage invalid, they now declared that she was guilty of adultery (living with a man not her husband) and sentenced her to 100 lashes.  Finally, when she defended by saying she had always been a Christian, the government sentenced her to death for "apostasy," which is leaving Islam.

The Islamist regime has given Ibrahim an opportunity to avoid the death sentence, which otherwise was to be carried out today (May 15), if she renounces her Christian faith and “returns to Islam"--something she has said she will not do.

Okay you sick Leftist fucks--you demented defenders of organized, government-approved child rape, and of a so-called "religion" that sentences people to death for leaving it:  This is what you're defending.  Do step right up and own the consequences of your stupidity, your ignorance, your incompetent foolishness.

Do tell us how wonderful "tolerance" is, as this woman first is lashed 100 times for being raised Christian and marrying a Christian man--and is then executed.

Islam is the problem.


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