Thursday, May 15

Left struggles to spin video showing kidnapped Nigerian girls "converting to Islam"; buries it in 15th 'graf

The Lying Media has determined you don't need to know that 220 of the 270 school girls kidnapped by a Muslim gang in Nigeria are Christians.

Indeed, this is WHY they're still being held--the gang released all the Muslim girls.

Now the Left and its media allies are struggling to do damage control on a video posted on YouTube that the Muslim narrator claims shows the girls supposedly "converting" to Islam.

Wait..."converting to Islam"?  Wouldn't that have to mean they were NOT Muslims before that time?

Why...why...but...but...well, uh...maybe.

So if they weren't Muslims, were they followers of some other religion?  The mainstream media is extremely reluctant to tell you.  In fact CNN's "coverage" of this story--under the title "Scared but alive"--avoided mentioning both "Christian" and the claim by Boko Haram that the girls had "converted to Islam" until the 15th paragraph.

Cuz, see, you know...they've decided that's not relevant to their American viewers.

American media:  All propaganda, all the time.


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