Wednesday, May 15

Scandals? Lies? Sic'cing the IRS on political enemies? Naw, nothin' to see here, citizen

So now we've got the IRS giving retroactive tax-exempt status to the "Barack Obama Foundation," started by Obama's half-brother, in a record-fast 30 days.

Meanwhile conservative groups applying for the same status were grilled by the IRS for up to three years.  In some cases the service demanded that they provide lists of all their recommended reading materals, the names of all their volunteers and those of all students they planned to teach in the future.

Same deal in the notoriously lawbreaking EPA:  Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson was discovered to have created and used an email account with a phony name so she could conduct agency business but avoid having to turn damaging emails over if the agency ever received a subpoena demanding that it provide "all emails to or from EPA Director Lisa Jackson."  (Cuz, see, the govt's attorneys would argue--possibly with a straight face--that the emails to or from the account with the phony name weren't covered by the subpoena.  All these Democrats are SO much smarter than us peasants, eh?)

Oh, and the EPA waived fees for information for pro-Democrat interest groups ten times more often than for conservative groups.  (Of course that's trivial compared to the other charges.  After all, aren't all conservatives filthy-rich?  And aren't all their fortunes derived from killing babies for their internal organs, or something like that?)

And let's not even get started on the administration's seizure of phone records for two months of phone records for phones used by 100 AP reporters, allegedly in an effort to pinpoint the source of a leak.  The InJustice Department has yet to disclose the exact classification of the information disclosed--whether Secret, Top Secret or Politically Embarassing.

Well...the Democrats have started damage-control procedures--and predictably, here's how the defense is shaping up:
"Entirely the work of overzealous, low-level employees."  (IRS division chief Lois Lerner used the marvelously vague term "front-line employees.")

"This is all just partisan politics--attacks by Republicans who have been eager for the past five years to trap this amazingly talented president who's always championed the interests of the middle class."
“They’re hyperventilating about Benghazi. President Obama was absolutely right to call this a sideshow. This is about smear politics and nothing else.”  --Democrat Harry Reid

"If there actually turn out to be any minor problems it's not the president's fault, because government has gotten too big for one person--no matter how amazing and talented--to control by himself."  (Axelrod actually said something very much like this.)

"Seizing the phone records for the AP reporters is actually the fault of Republicans, because they voted against a bill that would have protected reporters from this sort of thing."
And finally,
"At this point, what difference does it make?!!"
On the off chance that the public might be...shall we say, a bit put off by the recent IRS thuggery, or the lies on Benghazi, the leftist rag Politico has started the pre-emptive defense:  "Establishment Democrats, never big fans of this president to begin with, are starting to speak out."

Did they actually write that?  "Establishment Democrats" were never big fans of Obama?

Wow, keep tellin' those whoppers, dudes.

Okay, time for a prediction:  All the posturing by the media is just theater.  They'll never abandon Duh Won, because they have so much credibility invested in him.  The moment reporters or editors sense the crisis is past they'll revert to shamelessly carrying water for the Democrats.


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