Monday, May 13

Being drunk is a valid defense to assault--if you're a Muslim in the UK

Another bit of information from our former cousins in the UK.  At first it may strike you as trivial.

You'd be wrong.

The original incident:  A group of three Somali "women" got drunk and ganged up to brutally beat a 22-year-old white female.  During the attack they yelled "Kill the white bitch."

At their hearing their attorney used this novel defense:  "They're Somalian Muslims and alcohol or drugs isn’t something they’re used to.”  The attackers also claimed the victim's male partner used unreasonable force to defend her.

And amazingly--no, check that:  *Sadly and all too predictably,* Brit judge Robert Brown gave the Muslims a suspended sentence. 

Now:  The significance isn't the attack by a trio of drunk Muslima thugs--after all, in this sorry age Muslim attacks on non-Muslims are so frequent as to get scarcely a mention in U.S. papers. Rather, the significance is that the Brit judge accepted this ridiculous assertion.

Mark this day well:  If you think this won't be used by other attorneys you're crazy.  More significantly, once judge Robert Brown set the precedent by accepting this absurd defense and wasn't immediately tarred and feathered for that outrage, it opened the door for other foolish, politically-correct judges to do the same.

Oh, but I hear you saying that this would never happen in the U.S.  Because...because...uh...our judges aren't that politically correct, or cowardly, or corrupt, or....  

Yeah, right.


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