Friday, May 10

Leftist media re-writes history of Korean conflict

It's a common belief among conservatives that most reporters and editors are wildly left-liberal.  Thus we're not surprised when editorials and opinion pieces are published bashing the West or glowingly praising socialist, communist and assorted totalitarian regimes.

For example, have you ever seen an article in the New York T**** even remotely critical about, say, Cuba, China, North Korea or Iran?  As far as the T**** is concerned, those places are fabulous, whereas the West is uniformly criticized. As far as the media is concerned, the West is just awful.

If you think this is just hyperbole read this article in a large British newspaper. The author defends the dictatorial regime of North Korea, and actually blames the West for that country's problems.
we have the self-same west to thank for the fact that North Korea exists at all... [T]he arbitrary division of Korea by the allies after second world war is certainly a contributing factor to what we're confronted with today. It's kind of like Saddam Hussein-era Iraq, another gift bestowed on the world by the greed of western powers. And the American involvement in using North Korea as a pawn in their Cold War jousting with Soviet Russia means that the Kims have been caricatured an enemy to use for propaganda purposes.
One wonders how much massive stupidity can be packed into a single paragraph.  First the guy blames the west for the fact that North Korea exists in the first place.  While it's certainly true that instead of abandoning all of Korea to the communists after WW2, the West managed to save half from the loving and oh-so-benign embrace of communism, the author evidently would have been happier if we'd left the entire country to the communists.

Ah yes, the ultimate leftist "solution" to conflict:  let the communists have *everything.*

Next the author throws in a phrase about American "involvement" in "using North Korea as a pawn in their Cold War jousting with Soviet Russia."  Wait, wasn't the Korean War triggered by North Korean troops invading South Korea?  So when the author writes "involvement" he's really re-writing history--omitting the facts and putting a contemptible spin on the West's defense of the non-communist south.

But of course what's history good for if you can't lie about it?

Admittedly the newspaper where this appeared is in the U.K., but the "reasoning" and willingness to re-write history would be right at home at most U.S. papers.


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