Friday, May 10

Democrat congresswoman: "Obamacare will result in better marriages"

Democrats keep coming up with new claims as to why Obamacare is the most wonderful law ever (and thus it would be just awful, ghastly, terrible to repeal it). 

The newest claim:  Obamacare will result in better marriages!

Seriously.  A Dem congresswoman is on video saying just that. 

Her reasoning?  She had a friend who actually married the wrong person just so she could get health insurance.

Using that same reasoning we can expect the next Democrat entitlement program to be "The federal government needs to pay every person in the country $150,000 a year.  Because we have friends who have been forced into either crime or the wrong kind of job because they didn't have enough money!"

And after all, isn't "happiness" a basic human right, written right there in the Constitution?

And if the Rethuglicans oppose this wonderful new program it just shows once again that they really don't honor the Constitution after all!  Oh, and they're raaaacists.


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