Tuesday, May 14

Story that IRS grilling of Tea Party organizations was "done by low-level employees" is falling apart

If you follow politics at all you may have heard that the IRS sent letter to a wide variety of conservative groups demanding that they give the agency a list of their members and donors, and copies of all communications as to the nature of the organization's political leanings.

If so, you may also have heard the official party-line response:  that this policy was entirely created and run by a handful of overzealous employees in the agency's Cincinnati office.  Lois Lerner, head of the IRS tax-exempt-organizations division, told reporters Friday the “inappropriate” actions targeting groups with “Tea Party,” “patriot” or “9/12″ in their names were done by “front-line people” working in Cincinnati.

One can't know with certainly what Lerner meant by the term "front-line people" but the implication is that the policy was "done" by low-level employees.  Lerner is clearly implying that these employees were acting on their own.

Well guess what?  Turns out that--in what must surely be an amazing coincidence--*four* widely-separated IRS offices around the country were carrying out the same policy!

Wow, what a coincidence, eh?

I mean, what are the odds that employees in four scattered offices of the IRS would not only get the same illegal idea at the same time, but would actually execute such a policy?

Now if we find--as we will--that the wording of the demand letters from the various IRS offices just happen to be almost identical...well, just another in a string of coincidences, comrade.

Honestly, folks, if someone caught Obozo on videotape personally ordering the IRS to put the heat on conservative groups--or to approve the DOJ scheme to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels, or to order his fixers to create a fake birth certificate, or to blackmail a Supreme Court justice--the media would wave it away as being "just coincidence."

Think I'm kidding?  Well guess what:  The Washington Post knew about this policy a year ago, but you're just now hearing about it, right?  That would mean the Post sat on the story for a whole year.  Gee, wonder why? 

Now that conservative organizations are onto the story, the Post is covering its skirts by publishing short CYA stories on page B-156 (that's sarcasm).


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