Monday, May 13

25% of guest lectures at UK universities now segregated?? By...can you guess?

For some years now conservatives have noted that feminists and leftists never utter a word of protest against bizarre, sexist Islamic policies.  In fact, Code Pink and others have actually supported militant Islam.

Well, sweethearts, your support of evil is coming to the U.S. with the momentum of a freight train.  Example: In formerly "Great" Britain--now hopelessly mired in Islamic lawsuits and the paralysis of political correctness--a quarter of guest lectures at public universities were segregated.

Segregated, that is, by gender.  At the insistence of Muslims.

Gotta tell ya', I'm well over 50 and don't have any kids so I got no dog in this hunt, but if you've got a daughter--or if you're female--news like this should make you mad as hell.  Because it's nothing less than the representatives of the enlightenment fleeing like scared rabbits before Islamic fucktards.

Are you willing to condemn your daughter to not leaving her home unless she's accompanied by a male relative?

Are you willing to give up music, dancing, fine wine and the occasional pork roast at restaurants-- because that's the destination, Sparky, just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

And if you don't believe it you're too stupid or naive to reproduce.

LOOK AT HISTORY, folks.  Look at *every* *single* country where the cancer that is Islam has taken over.  Can you not read?  Can you not understand what you read?  Or do you delicate flowers just think "Oh, this is such an awful story that it can't possibly be true!

Right, it's all just a plot by a bunch of foreign reporters to make Islam look bad.  Cuz, everyone knows Islam is--can we say it all together?  "The religion of peace."

What a bunch of horse shit.  If you believe it you're fools.

But of course, 52% of you elected a guy who for over a dozen years claimed in his own published bio to have been born in Kenya, and who refused to release a "long form" birth certificate that--if it existed--would have settled all questions.

Ah, well.  Time for a drink.


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