Sunday, May 12

Rare "hot ice" blows off Canadian lake, damages or destroys 20 homes

Global Warming!!!  The scientists warned us it was happening, and that you were causing it by a) driving; b) using electricity; c) flying more than 482 miles a year; and d) exhaling CO2.

But did you listen?  Noooo, you did not.  And now look what's happened:

On a lake 60 miles northwest of Winnipeg a huge wall of ICE blew off the lake and damaged or destroyed 20 homes!

Long-time residents said they'd seen ice get blown off the lake before, but never this bad.

See?  Glowbull Warming!!

What?  You say you fail to see how this proves Global Warming is a) real; and b) caused by humans?

You must be a DENIALIST!  Denialist!  Denialist!  Denialist!  Denialist!

It proves global warming because SHUT UP, that's why!

Oh, and when Lord Obama gets through solving all the OTHER problems in the world, all you deniers are gonna' hafta pay an extra $3000 apiece each year in *carbon tax*!  So there!  Neener neener neener!

And no, we won't have to pay the carbon tax.  Because we're EEEEeee-leeets, that's why.  And you peons pay our salaries, and for our jets and limos, so we must be better than you.  That's why.

Stupid bitter clingers.


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