Sunday, May 5

If Obamacare has any bad features, it's all the fault of...congressional Republicans!

I'm seeing more and more comments from Democratic Party congresswhores and spokespersons complaining about various terrible results of that horrible, awful, draconian 1.5% cut in federal spending known as the sequester.

And guess who they blame for the sequester?

Amazingly, they blame congressional Republicans.  They say this despite a clear record that the plan was actually devised by Obama's advisors as a clever scheme to try to put the Republicans in a no-win situation.

Which leads to the prediction of the obvious next move:  With more evidence emerging every day suggesting that Obamacare a) will cost taxpaying working folks a lot more in premiums, taxes and fines than Dems claimed; b) will reduce the number of experienced doctors, as many retire early rather than submit to complete government control of their jobs; c) surprisingly, will fail to improve the health of the millions who previously had no health insurance; and d) will hasten the financial collapse of the government, Democrats and their allies in the U.S. media are trotting out a new party line:

Instead of these disasters being predicted results of a bad idea, any of these problems that *may* be alleged to happen are all the fault of...congressional Republicans, for blocking Democrat-pushed measures that would have made the whole monstrosity work just as Reid, Pelosi and Duh Won planned!

And half the electorate--knowing nothing about how the bill was passed--will agree.

Outrageous brazenness, right?  Such an egregious rape of the truth that no one would possibly believe it, right?

Clearly, citizen, you haven't been on the planet long enough to recognize Democrats at work!  After they saw they could get away with blaming the sequester on the GOP (with help from their allies in the Lying Media), they'll realize that blaming the GOP for any alleged problems with Obamacare will be just as easy.

It's a brazen move, so in the interest of establishing a historical record I'd like to look at just one example of an effort the GOP made to have a small input on the bill that would become Obamacare.

As a political junkie I followed the amazing political maneuvering used to pass the bill very closely, and the truth is that the GOP couldn't get even one of their amendments into the final bill.  The closest they came was when a group of reps including Democrat Bart Stupak said they wouldn't vote for the bill if it included either federal funding of abortions, or federal subsidies of insurance covering abortions.

The House approved the Stupak–Pitts amendment by a wide margin (240–194).  But the senate version of the bill didn't contain the Stupak provisions, and a handful of Democratic representatives said they wouldn't vote for the bill if it didn't have those provisions.

Pelosi and the Dem strategists knew that even with majority control of the House, they wouldn't be able to pass the bill without the votes of the Stupak group.  But the Dem-controlled senate--far more aggressive about making abortion available regardless of ability to pay--wasn't about to agree to the restrictions in Stupak's amendment.

Oooh, what to do, what to do?

So in a brilliant tactical move, Obama promised Stupak that if the congressman would get his group to support the senate version of the bill--which, again, didn't contain the provisions Stupak had said he had to have to vote for the bill--Obama would issue an executive order enacting the provisions of the Stupak amendment.

Believing that the his president's promise would indeed become national policy, Stupak agreed, and with the crucial votes of his group Obamacare passed the House, 219-212 --without the Stupak provisions.  The leftist rag Politico summarized the deal as follows:
The announcement by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and a half-dozen colleagues came just after Obama said he will sign an executive order reaffirming a ban on federal funding of abortions.  
Earlier in the day, Stupak (D-Mich.) told Democratic leaders that he would vote for the bill after receiving assurances that Obama will issue the order and that [Stupak] would be able to state his concerns about abortion funding in the bill in a colloquy on the House floor before the vote.
Later, Stupak and Waxman took to the floor to put into the record that the bill is meant to completely prevent the use of any federal dollars to pay for abortion.
"We've always said ... that we were for health care reform, but there was a principle that meant more to us than anything, and that was the sanctity of life," Stupak said
Does anyone recall what happened after that?

Why yes--Obama's own Solicitor-General, whom he later appointed to the Supreme Court for life--told him the executive order was a sham and did not have the force of law.  Various liberal talking heads agreed, and waxed ecstatic about how their brilliant president had managed to talk Stupak into getting his group to vote for the bill without the restriction they had insisted on--and which had passed the House by a wide margin.

Next stop:  "It's legal because it's a TAX!"

"Wait, we promised no new taxes on the middle class.  So it's not a tax!"

"It's whatever we say it is TODAY, but we're free to change that to anything else tomorrow.  'Cuz we're Democrats, and everything is perfectly fine if it will enable us to stay in power!"


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