Tuesday, June 14

The source of most of our current problems

Here's the best analysis I've seen of the problems facing us now. Or if you prefer, how we got to where we are now.

The author blames "progressive" policies--ideas pushed by exploiting the listener's compassion, and often guilt. While the stated goals are almost always noble, the programs proposed (and duly enacted) to "solve" the stated problems are always financially unsound from the outset. Moreover, they always morph over time into bloated, inefficient monstrosities.

And in the trifecta, said programs become politically sacred, untouchable, due to the huge number of voters who love the "freebies" they provide.

I'll try to write a lot more on this later. For now, you really need to read both the linked article and the comments. In particular, note the tactics used by the handful of "progressive" commenters: cloud the issue, change the subject, play to emotions, name-calling. "You mean conservatives just want to hurt poor innocent children!"

Very enlightening.


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