Sunday, June 12

High gasoline prices, part 2,483

With the price of gasoline still hovering near $4 a gallon, many families are still having to pay a lot to fill even a compact car's tank. But the policies of Obama and the wackos he's appointed to head energy-related departments are absolutely, positively guaranteed to drive gas prices higher.

From a family's standpoint it's simply insane. Literally, it makes no sense--unless the goal is to reduce total miles driven by making it prohibitively expensive.

And of course, even if you could cut your driving to zero, you'll still pay the cost of high fuel prices in food and every other item you buy, since it all gets from point of production to point of sale by...trucks.

Which use diesel. Which is going up just as fast as gasoline.

So if you're an idiot Obama voter from, say, New York City, or San Francisco, and you think you won't be affected by rising fuel prices, think again.

Although a lot of factors in the price of oil are beyond our control, the U.S. could do dozens of things that would *start* the process of producing more oil domestically. For example, if you took Econ-101 you may recall something about "the laws of supply and demand." Produce more of X, and--ceteris paribus--the price of X will fall.

We could increase the supply of oil by opening up more areas for exploration, including Alaska and offshore. But astonishingly (or not, depending on your cynicism), Obama's appointees are doing the opposite.

I'm sorry, this will sound fanatical, but...this has to be the most anti-American president ever. If conservatives manage to regain a majority in congress and don't pass bills rescinding every harmful act by this administration, don't be surprised if support for the GOP evaporates. And justifiably so.


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