Monday, June 6

Where did all the antiwar protesters go??

Now that a Democrat is preznit, the media's attitude toward war, closing Guantanamo, military trials for its residents and a lot of other formerly-breathless concerns seems to to put it?...changed radically.

One commenter noted,
When Bush was president a small group of anti-war protesters gathered on the green every weekend in my town. The signs were always on the same themes: close Gitmo NOW!; Bush's overreach, the combined horrors of the the Iraq war and the Patriot Act. But after Obama took office there hasn't been a single weekend demonstration. Literally not one. Not even over Obama's invasion of Libya, not when he decided to maintain Gitmo, not when he opted for military tribunals.

Drawn your own conclusions.
Or as another blogger put it:
Bombs with an "R" on them: Baaad.
Bombs with a "D" on 'em: Gooood.


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