Sunday, June 5

"Economy recovering! Really! Ignore May job numbers!!!"

By now every educated adult who's been paying attention to the news knows that according to the gubmint, the U.S. economy added 54,000 jobs in May.

Quick, is that news good, medium or awful?

None of the articles I checked on this report in the Lying Media mentioned the very crucial fact that as kids graduate into the job market and immigrants arrive, the economy needs to add around 200,000 jobs every month just to keep the employment rate at the current level. And that performance doesn't do anything to actually decrease unemployment.

No wonder the stock market dropped 290 points after the jobs report came out! That report is an absolute, unmitigated disaster for Obama and the Dems.

But of course, that's not how the MSM reports it. For example, here's how the Associated Prevaricators spun it: Under the headline, "More job-seekers give up, reducing unemployment."

Yep, that's right comrades: Economy falls short of the breakeven point for new jobs--150,000 short of what's needed--and the official gummint-furnished unemployment rate is actually down.

Woo-hoo!!! Way to go, Barack! That Hope 'n Change economic policy is really workin'!

Of course the explanation is down in the 7th paragraph: The official rate is down because half a million people have (as the headline said) stopped being reported as "looking for work."

There's no more detailed breakdown on this figure--in fact everyone purports to be mystified by it: "Where did all these people go?"

Dems and MSM to blame May numbers on George W. Bush in 5...4...3....

UPDATE: A month after this estimate for number of jobs created in May--initially 54,000--was released, it was revised. Downward. To...18,000.

Just so we're clear: The first figure was too optimistic by a factor of three.

If your job was to forecast conditions for a private company, and you were off that much, you'd probably be fired.


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