Saturday, June 4

Venezuela luxury prisons

A few liberals/Democrats read this blog (mostly because we're related and they want to see what nutty ideas I'm throwing out this week). And libs don't believe anything unless it's printed in the NY Times.

So...this is from that paper: Turns out that in Venezuela a few jails are mixed-sex, swimming pool, parties, drugs and gambling.

With such luxuries, would you think the average criminal would be a) more, or b) less inclined to avoid activities which could land him in jail?

If you're a liberal, you get extra time to struggle with the logic needed to answer that question.

Now: When U.S. prisons add weight rooms, basketball courts, color TVs and better food, do you think the deterrent effect of possible prison is a) increased, or b) decreased?

I'm not pushing for harsh conditions in prisons. Just tryin' t' figure things out.


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