Thursday, June 2

Now it can be revealed: Weiner is a REPUBLICAN!!!

Conservatives have long recognized that the Lying Media has a thorough double-standard when it comes to identifying the political party of a misbehaving public official. There's even an official game-name: "Name that party."

Object of the game is to correctly guess the miscreant's party based only on the placement of party affiliation in the story: If the bad actor is Republican, that fact will be mentioned within the first sentence--often in the first three words. But if it's a Democrat, that fact won't be mentioned 'til the tenth or 12th paragraph--and sometimes is omitted altogether.

But our innovative Lying Media never rest on their laurels, and with Weinergate the media are reaching for new lows: Reuters ran a headline today that labeled lying New York Democratic rep Weiner a Republican.

Yes, I know mistakes happen. But I thought the Lying Media were always bragging about all their layers of fact-checking and editorial oversight that made their product trustworthy and superior to solo (ick!) bloggers.

Where'd all those layers go, guys?

Oh, dat's right: Down the drain--right along with your integrity.


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