Sunday, June 5

You can't make this stuff up

Another news story that wouldn't be believable as fiction: (Of course it's from CBS so, y'know...may just be made up.)

Dateline Louisville, Kentucky: Seems cops found a baby in a car parked outside a strip club in the middle of the day, windows apparently either rolled up or barely cracked.

About that time a woman later identified as the baby's mother ran out of the club, started the car and rolled down the rear window.

She was followed by the baby's father. Who was wearing a home incarceration bracelet from a county in...Indiana. Not only does this doofus ignore the "incarceration bracelet" [ha ha], he won't even stay in the same state.

Then as the guy was being carted to jail, he pegged the lack-of-self-awareness meter: he complained to the cop that the back seat of the cruiser was too hot.


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