Tuesday, June 7

Compare Weiner to Republican Chris Lee

Compare and contrast:

Former New York congressman Chris Lee --a Republican, married--was found to have sent a photo of himself--sans shirt--to a 34-year-old woman he found on a social website.

Lee resigned the same day the news was published by a leftist website. No attempt to spin or lie or tapdance--just "I regret...and I resign."

Compare this with current NY Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner--like Lee, he's married: Sends pics of himself in jockey shorts, apparently in an "aroused state", to several women, at least one of whom is a college student. Gets hours of interviews with the top of the Lying Media (CNN's Wolfe Blitzer, for example) in which he looks right into the camera and denies everything, claiming "My twitter account was hacked" (implying that he didn't send the pic).

Allows his defenders on the Left to claim that the hacker is conservative author and investigative reporter Andrew Breitbart was the person responsible for the hack.

Rides this story for five days.

Faced with this serious slander, Breitbart finds other women who confirm receiving pics from Weiner--at least one of which is likely fully nude. But instead of releasing the pic, Breitbart simply implies he has it--at which point Weiner is finally forced to confess that he did send the pics and that his entire story was a total lie.

But unlike Chris Lee, Weiner says he won't resign. Though he's sorry for hurting his wife, he claims he did nothing against House rules, and didn't break any laws, so...

And the hard-Left (Kos, Democratic Underground) is shrieking about how absolutely awful Breitbart is for having the gall to expose (pun intended) one of their stars.

It's hard to imagine a clearer example of the differences between the two parties than these two events.

It's not that Republicans are immune to human failings, but rather that any Republican who does succumb and is discovered to have done so loses party support, while a Democrat in the same situation is covered and defended by Dems and the Dem-loving media.

Update: Here's an example, by "Jack Shafer" in the leftist mag Slate:
Weiner owes me no apology for his serial lies because I understand that that's what politicians do when they're cornered by their fibs or unseemly behavior.
This is classic: "All pols lie, so it doesn't bother me."

I'm not even sore with him for scapegoating the press over a problem of his own making. That, too, goes with the territory.
This is a lie: Weiner didn't "scapegoat the press" but by falsely claiming to have been the victim of a hacker and failing to fess up, he allowed his Dem attack-dog supporters to falsely claim *Breitbart* was the hacker. No wonder author Shafer is "not sore" with Weiner, since Weiner did him no harm.

Nor am I outraged that he went on national television to attempt to cover up his lies... That he was caught lying about his personal life, and not about public policy, doesn't really matter to me.

Update: One "Colby Hall" at lefty site Mediaite rationalizes Weiner's shirtless pics as follows:
What these images do reveal is that Weiner takes particularly good care of himself...and appears to be unafraid to share suggestive pictures of himself to individual (or individuals?) that he most likely has come to regret ever having trusted.
Catch that? The main takeaway for this Leftist is that Weiner "takes particularly good care of himself" and is "unafraid to share suggestive pictures of himself"!!

That is SO wonderful! In great shape and unafraid to share!! And of course it takes the whole focus off the lying straight into the camera on *numerous* national TV interviews, and shifts it to--Weiner's fearlessness regarding sharing.

You can't make this stuff up.

Any second now I expect the left to announce an annual competition named in Weiner's honor, for the married guy in the best shape who's the most fearless about sharing pics of himself with young girls.


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