Thursday, June 2

Headed for Sioux City

Oh you've really gotta see this. It's a 90-second video of top Obama advisor Fareed Zakaria telling a friendly interviewer what's wrong with America:
Whenever we have a problem, we tend to think 'Our Constitution is the best ever created in the history of the world, the people who created the Constitution were demigods, it never needs to be changed. Our political system is the best in the world...'
For just a tiny moment you think he's praising our Constitution, our form of government. But of course if he really felt that way Obozo wouldn't have selected him as an advisor, eh?

He goes on to say that we should learn from all the other countries that are "doing it better" than we are.

Hey you stupid asshole: What countries would that be, exactly? Mexico? The U.K., where immigrant Muslims with six wives get welfare for each of their "families", and people get $40,000 a year from welfare?

China, with their mobile execution vans and ghastly pollution?

Greece, with huge government debt and government employees unions that have been rioting because the country's lenders recognized that they're incapable of carrying on as usual?

Or maybe Zakaria has in mind some Muslim-governed paradise like Iran? Pakistan? Indonesia? Egypt?

Like those countries?

I'm sorry, but Zakaria's either a propagandist or an idiot. Which of course makes him a perfect fit with the Obama administration.

Anyone who's not a liberal/Democrat/"progressive" knows the root cause of every problem we've got: Politicians--and thus the government they control--have been thoroughly, totally violating the Constitution for decades.

They've created a very long list of programs for which there is no rational authority in the Constitution, but which absolutely ensure that roughly half the electorate--the 40 percent or so that pay no federal income tax and essentially live off government benefits--will continue to vote for them in perpetuity.

If these programs were models of sound financial practice one might be more inclined to cut their creators some slack. But instead these programs are--and were known by rational analysts from the outset to be--financial absurdities that couldn't be sustained under any plausible scenario. In other words, from a financial standpoint they were and are utter crap.

Think of us as flying in a huge jetliner. Our normally wonderful, powerful, reliable engines--the Constitution and the free market--have been crippled by a flock of socialist geese and now we're going down at a frightening rate. We've passed the point where a graceful, last-second pullout would have been possible, and if we're lucky we may be able to find a river to ditch in.

If we can't make the river...well, did you ever see the video of the crash landing in Sioux City? The pilot had lost almost all flight controls after an explosion in the center engine, but still managed--by superhuman flying skill, plus God's grace--to reach the airfield and save roughly half the passengers.

If only we'd managed to win just six more Senate seats last November we might even have been able to pull off an astonishing feat of airmanship, like Sully ditching in the Hudson. But the longer we continue without corrective action, the more limited--and costly--our remaining options become.

Looks like we're headed for Sioux City.

"Brace for impact."


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