Wednesday, July 11

Leftist Judges in Australia are as nuts--soft on terror--as the ones here

If you or I threatened to blow up a shopping center and attack a police station, would we be likely to just walk out on no-cash bail?

He's accused of saying he would shoot as many police officers as he could.  But not to worry: the judge ordered him "subjected to strict supervision conditions under that country's Terrorism High Risk Offenders Act."  Well that's certainly a relief!  And likely means he'll be restricted to buying no more than a kilo of high-explosive per month.

Sounds about right.

The man insisted he was not a terrorist and denied making the comments or having extremist views. He described his monitoring conditions as 'overboard.'  'They have gone too far," he said.  "It's not fair."

Well.  Guess it's a tiny relief (well, not really) to discover that judges in Oz are as crazy as the ones here in the U.S.


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