Tuesday, July 10

Knife crime surging in London (and entire U.K.); major retailer responds by...

Private handgun ownership has long been banned in the U.K., which has virtually wiped out crime in London.

Hahahahahahaha!  Just kidding.  While U.K. pols might have thought residents of London who were career murderers, strong-arm robbers or rapists would turn to less-violent work, like politics or drug sales, the thugs have merely changed weapons.  And the weapon of choice is knives.

In the first half of this year London had more murders than gun-filled New York City.  Imagine that.

In response, inventive U.K. elites have deployed metal boxes around the city where residents are invited to dispose of their knives.  No word yet on how many have been turned in in this way, but if not enough have been, surely that's because the boxes are too inconvenient for most residents.  Adding another ten thousand should do the trick.

Meanwhile, pushed by pols, one of Britain's larger retailers has taken the next logical step:  They say they'll no longer sell...kitchen knives.

They've already stopped selling kitchen knives in their 59 West Midlands stores and say they'll extend the ban to all 850 stores across the country soon.  Other retailers say they plan to follow suit soon.

We eagerly await the dramatic drop in murder, robbery and rapes.  After all, liberals in the U.K. claim the cause of those crimes is the easy availability of knives, right?  And certainly that mirrors the argument used by Democrats, liberals, socialists and assorted vewy smaht folks in the U.S. who want to ban guns.  If, as Dems claim, most crime here is due to guns, it follows that banning sales of knives will have the same effect there.

Insane.  Tail wagging the dog.  Virtue signalling.  Social posturing.  But it's a great chance to show people with an IQ above 70 the uselessness of a gun ban here.  Cuz after all stores in the UK stop selling knives, does anyone think knife crime will stop?  Liberals apparently think that.

Anyone think the thugs will turn in their knives?  Liberals clearly think they will--though they're notoriously unwilling to debate as to why they're convinced this will happen.


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