Wednesday, July 11

Leftist "elite" forgets wallet, transit officer cuts her a break...and she complains about "class privilege"!

From that darling of the Left / "progressives," Sally Kohn:

See the source image
Some people are just never happy, eh?
This is a classic example of a Leftist setup--a scenario in which no matter which way the MTA officer had gone, Sally would have turned it into a Leftist screaming point.  If he hadn't let her ride for free she would have tweeted something like "Asshole lackey of the Patriarchy wouldn't let me on, just because I forgot my wallet!  I got to feel like poor, exploited workers and People of Color probably feel every week!"

Honestly, Sally, I don't think you're ever gonna be happy here.  But I hear Venezuela is a full-socialist workers' paradise!  You'd fit right in!  And I'm sure your friend Nick Maduro would be happy to give you a job as deputy minister of propaganda.

Seriously, Sally, you really need to go live in Venezuela for just a year, and send us tweets every day telling us how wonderful it is.  Cuz otherwise, Americans able to think for themselves might well conclude that the only reason you push socialism is that you haven't a clue how awful socialism IS. 

But surely you must know.  After all, you're extremely well-read, and plugged into all the socialist sources and newsletters, so you HAVE to know that Venezuela's socialist government has totally turned that once-wealthy country into a total shithole. 

But if you DO know the truth, how can you keep spouting the wonders of socialism even though you know its ghastly results.  I wouldn't think any sane person would do that. 

I'd really love to hear your explanation of how Venezuela--which went socialist just 20 years ago--managed to go from wealth to a ghastly failure in a frighteningly short time.  Cuz I'm sure you can explain it, since you're a "progressive" leader.  Or at least that's what your official website says.


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