Tuesday, July 10

BEST compilation yet of "Trump can't win" and election-night meltdowns by talking heads

I've posted several video compilations of "the experts"--Hollywood actors, Dem politicians and idiot network talking heads--saying "Trump will never be president!" but the clip below is the best yet in terms of fast pacing.

(Caution: If heavy profanity bothers you, you might quit watching after you see Leftist firebrand Cenk Uygur (his real name) cuz he gets really angry as Hilliary's calculated chances of winning fall from 99% to...um...an upset.)

This next clip has even more talking heads PROMISING Trump cannot possibly win.  There's no profanity on this one, but unfortunately there's an obnoxious music track you may wanna turn down.

The crowing performance in this one comes at about 5:10 when emperor Obozo is doing one of his slurping appearances on a liberal "comedy" show.  He reads a Trump tweet saying "Obama will go down as the worst president in our history," then smiles smugly, cocks his head and adds "At least...I will go down as a president."


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