Thursday, June 7

Democrat talking heads on cable and broadcast TV *promising* that Trump will never be....

Below is a short (13 minute) clip of a dozen talking heads of the Lying Mainstream Media absolutely promising you that Trump would never even win the nomination, much less win the presidency.  In fact the insane leftist and Dem hack Lawrence O'Donnell promised us Trump would never even actually declare his candidacy.

I've posted it because you need to know how much these creatures hate Trump--not only because they hate his policies but because they blame him for making them look stupid with their repeated absolute, total, you-can-take-this-to-the-bank assurances that he would never be president.

Let me try that a different way:  Instead of at least trying to be at least somewhat objective during the campaign and election, they didn't bother to hide their hate for Trump, and their contempt for ordinary working American citizens.  To the elites, people who were Christian, or thought Obamacare and legalized gay marriage and anysex bathrooms and open borders had been rammed down our throats were, as Hilliary so cleverly described us, "deplorables."  Stupid.  Unsophisticated rubes.

When, at 7pm on election evening, the New York Times election website put Hilliary's chances of winning at 95%, a fat, soft pencil-neck talking head literally laughed as he said "I guess they thought it wouldn't be fair to give her 100%."


Now, I'm not writing this to tease them about being wrong.  Hell, I didn't think he'd win, so I'm not throwing stones about that.  Instead I want you to note--carefully--how smug, how arrogant all these talking heads are.  Because this is hugely relevant to how they will cover our nation's biggest crisis since the Civil War:

The FBI, Department of "Justice", CIA and other agencies have been corrupt from top to bottom for at least three decades, if not longer.  They spied on the Trump campaign, then lied about when they started doing it, and the reason for doing it.  Their media allies have huffed indignantly that there the FBI and DOJ never spied, but then Clapper admitted they put in "an informant."  "Oh," they lied, "that's entirely different!"

Now the Democrats and media have reversed course, and are once more claiming there was NOT a spy.  They're doing this because they've seen the Inspector-General's report (for some insane reason some conspirator ruled that everyone named in it gets to see what the report says about him/her before it's released), so they know that every allegation is rebuttable if you just lie.

Oh sure, there'll be charges--one is that FBI director Comey "was insubordinate" in some way.  Of course that's not a crime, so it's a nothing.  But the conspirators know that if they can keep your attention focused on minor non-issues like "insubordination," the anger will eventually dissipate--the whole thing will blow over.

This is why I wanted you to see the video of the media going all in for Hilliary--cuz they're willing to do anything it takes to recover from the huge loss of credibility and prestige they suffered on election night and during the campaign.

If the allegations against the FBI and DOJ pan out, they lose face again.  And conversely, if the media can succeed in making it go away, they'll be able to crow about it thru 2020.

So with that in mind, take a look:


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